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  • Initial Consultation
    This begins with an informal meeting on site, during which we discuss your garden. I listen to what you require from your outside space and make suggestions. I charge a small consultation fee, the cost of which is included in the design fee If you wish to proceed with the proposed design. I will tell you the design cost after our initial meeting, once I have had a chance to assess your garden and understand your requirements and aspirations.
  • Site Survey and Levels
    I return to survey the garden, take levels and photographs if necessary. If you wish we can discuss any further thoughts you may have.
  • Design Plan
    I draw my plans by hand, preferably in a scale of 1:50 and present them complete with full construction details. If however, the site is complicated, a half way meeting where I show you my ideas can be helpful before I complete your plan. ​ Should the plan need altering or new ideas be incorporated, one free re-draw is included in my design fee. Once you have accepted the design, I either recommend a landscaper whose work I know well,or I can work with someone of your choice.
  • Project Construction
    I enjoy being involved in the building of my projects and would suggest a site visit once the garden has been laid out. Any alterations made at this point save time and expense later. During the construction phase, I like to speak to both you and the landscaper direct, to check everyone is happy. I like you to feel that you can ring me with any queries. I charge a site visit fee.
  • Planting Plans
    Once the project is near completion I draw up the planting plans. The charges for these will have been decided at the initial consultation. I leave them until the layout is decided because changes to the size of the planted areas make for different choice of plants.
  • Planting
    Once the site is finished and the beds are prepared I am happy to both supply and plant your garden. ​ You may not require this whole process: some customers just want advice, possibly over a period of time. Others want a complete design so they can tackle the project in chunks, as time and money allow. Some clients want me to handle everything and take the process out of their hands. Ultimately, I like you to decide what level of help you need and I will endeavour to accommodate your individual requirements.
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